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Personal Injury


Why choose us

          Client is our priority

                         You are our priority and making sure you are dealt with fast and hassle free is what we thrive on. Having a accident can be a daunting

                       experience but we make the whole process simple for you

         24/7 365 Days a year

                     We are available around the clock to recover you and your car, we even work Christmas day so you are always covered in a unfortunate    incident.

         Professional Accident Management

                     We have a professional and extensive accident management network. We have some of the industries leading Solicitors, Hire companies 

                     and repair networks assisting our clients.

Have you had an unfortunate road accident?

Was the accident not your fault?

                    If the answer to the above questions is yes you are entitled to the following:

                    Recovery of vehicle to your home address or garage of your choice or leave it all to us

                    Replacement vehicle whilst yours is of the road

                   Repair of the vehicle to the highest standards set by the manufacturers

                  Loss of earnings or personal possesions

                  Personal injury damages as a result of the accident

                 Physio and other treatments as a result of injury

Should I use my own insurer?

          No as you will not have control over any of the following:

Most policies come with a Access that you may have to pay after the accident even if its not your fault

The minute you report your accident your no claim bonus will be affected and will only be put back after 3rd party accepts liability

You will have no say who repairs your vehicle you will have to go with your insurance company who will want to cut costs

If your happy or not your stuck with it